Promoter and Coordinator: University Jaume I

In charge of the Net: University Jaume I

Hard core of the Net: they will be contacted during the implementing stage of the project. These partners must be universities, because they will become headquarters of the European Virtual Institute for Mainstreaming (IVEM). The hard core of the Net, stable and permanent, will be gradually created throughout the project. There will be a headquarters of the IVEM for each university and country.

Steady links of the Net: Transnational partners, that go with and support the initial stage of the project and partners contacted during the implementing stage of the project. The universities, after a period of thematical, technological and methodological adaptation, will be able to take part in the Hard Core of the NET. If a university from a country that already has a hard core is incorporated, the last one to be included could take part into the NET as a steady link but not as a hard one, until the university integrated within the hard Core either does not account for its functions and responsibilities derived from the fact of being within the hard core of the NET, or it abandons the NET. Each country could have an indefinite number of steady links. Each country will be composed by a only group of staedy links. The steady links of each country will be made up of: local authorities/institutions; commerce chambers; professional organizations of business and workers, enterprises and research centres and professional training.

Part-time correspondents of the Net: group of correspondents that occasionally support the work done within the Net and/or participate in this same occasional way.

Working languages: English (shared) and the language of each country.

JUSTIFICATION: Constitute a wide Virtual Net that will provide the generation of pedagogical, methodological, ideological, teaching, technical, instrumental criteria, etc. Moreover, it will be possible to work with shared elements that will facilitate and/or take into account the perspective on gender and the results of the introduction of women into the working sphere in the European future, attending to, in a parallel way, the regional specificities. In this way, it will be possible to break with all the obstacles and barriers that cause communication problems, opening paths of interaction that respect limits, rhythms and specificities of each member country.

CONTEXT: frame of needs of the promoting groups of equality programs, together with the teachers of continuous and permanent professional training, and social and economical interlocutors, on a local, regional and transregional level, that favour to investigate on their determinate needs, from which programs that could attend to those real needs could be created, making more profitable the management of resources, in a wide sense, creating the idea of the construction of Europe from a shared and integrative viewpoint that attends to the own features of each region, together with the implementing of mainstreaming.

GENERAL GOAL: Creating a virtual Net of professional training, made up of multiple actors, including the 31 countries that integrate the EU, PECO, AELC members of EEE, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey, carrying out programs of activities related with mainstreaming, which can survive in time.

Priority goals:
– Unifying, synthesizing and developing practical knowledge and innovative European posings, introducing elements and clues that guarantee the implementing of mainstreaming into the training of trainers and organizers of training.
– Improving the analysis and anticipation of needs regarding abilities, attitudes (mainstreaming) and competences related to the information society.
Derived goals:
– Spreading the most suitable analysis, syntheses and practices regarding the implementing of mainstreaming in professional virtual training, continuous and permanent.
– Guaranteeing the return of information on the activity of the Net for the diverse agents of professional training and the national organs, through the TIC.
– Guaranteeing the European dimension of the spreading of the Net’s products, making them available in all the partners’ languages.
– Having a multiple technological resource that guarantees the spreading of the results and the cooperation of the actions since their beginning.

TEMPORALIZATION: taking into account the features of the project, its development is supposed to cover a total period of three years, distributed into three stages of one year each stage (approximately).